Product ID EU7232S-FPP

72 Port Rack Mount Patch Panel

ExTell FO Rack Mount Patch Panel is a perfectly finished Patch Panel that can be easily mounted on a rack Mount for all fiber termination applications. It has a built in splice holder with attached splice tray and has a powder coated surface finish and is available in all variances of 12C to 288C.


Product Overview

Product Variants




  • Rack Mountable

  • Loaded


  • Rack Mount 19″ standard

  • Cold Rolled Steel sheet

  • Versatile panel with extendable double sliding rails for smooth movement

  • 2RU height Patch panel contains 4 X Adaptor Plates

  • Electrostatic Powder Coated Surface finish

  • Accessory kit for cable entry and fiber management

  • Patch Cord bend radius guides minimise macro bending

  • Stacked splice trays offer flexible fiber splicing capacity
  • Full assembly (loaded) or empty panel


  • Premise data network cabling and installations
  • Central office locations for telecom applications
  • Termination of interconnect cables at entry or immediate cross connects
  • Head-end location for CATV applications
  • Termination of horizontal cables, cross connection or backbone cables to jumper cables
  • Suitable for fusion splicing, direct termination and preterminated cables

Product Variants

12 Port Rack Mount Patch Panel

24 Port Rack Mount Patch Panel

48 Port Rack Mount Patch Panel

72 Port Rack Mount Patch Panel

96 Port Rack Mount Patch Panel



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